Fast Stop is the ONLY stop you will ever need!

Trust us to deliver the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and peace of mind for your every visit.


Experience the Fast Stop Convenience Store experience. Find your everyday needs at each location.

Award-Winning Food

Award-winning fried chicken, hamburger, and southern sides to keep you smiling!

Great Coffee

We pride ourselves in helping you start your day with a fresh cup of coffee!

Truck Stop

Providing you lounges, relaxation, and supplies before you hit the road again.

Premier Gas

Fuel up with Fast Stop. We provide only the fuel options for you!


Located in the heart of every Louisiana community. Find us at your next interstate exit.

Our Service
Promise to You

Fueling your needs with convenience and quality. Our gas stations and truck stops prioritize fast, efficient service, and premium-grade

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About us

Fast Stop is here to fuel all your needs, not just gas! The Fast Stop C-Store experience was built for you by you. We spent years listening to you! If you want to request a product or food item, let our locations know!

Try our award-winning fried chicken, burger, and southern sides recipes. We invite you to stop in today to try our secret fried chicken recipe and tell us what you think!

Our promise is to have locations in every neighborhood and every interstate exit as we are growing rapidly to greet you at every destination.


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(225) 930-5197
429 E Airport Suite 2. Baton Rouge LA 70806
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